Monday, December 31, 2012

Andres De Saya 2 : Mabagsik Na Daw

**** Production Company: Bukang Liwayway Films ****

Andres De Saya 2 as portrayed by Vic Vargas is a depiction of quite a few husband who happen or perhaps preordain to live under their wife's skirt.

Believing that his life will change when his wife Matilde (Gloria Diaz) left him to work overseas, he started his so-called new identity being a real man to the point of marrying another woman Viviana (Carmi Martin).

The return of Matilde put his enjoyment to a pause... letting him think either to rewind his life being Andres De Saya or to fast it forward and move on to a new day.

**** Directed by Carlo J. Caparas ****

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